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Funding our future


Fifteen Years of Performance:

A Legacy of Excellence

A male vocal ensemble performing on stage with microphones under pink and blue stage lighting.

The Need for Renewal:

Investing in our future

Our Vision:

A Venue Fit for the Future

Our vision remains clear – to ensure our venue remains a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate even more remarkable performances and artist endeavours through the provision of technology, equipment and facilities relevant to current industry practices. This revitalisation effort will include:

  1. Acoustic Enhancement: Upgrading our existing acoustic PA system to the modern Line Array speaker system complete with a new, larger mixing console.
  2. Networking Upgrade: Install networking capabilities that enable the provision of audio-visual display across the venue.
  • Theatrical Lighting Upgrade: Upgrade the theatrical lighting to the more eco-friendly LED lighting systems now available.
  • Accessibility: Improving accessibility features to create a more inclusive environment for all patrons.
  • Technology: Integrate cutting-edge technology to enhance the visual and auditory experience for our audience including hard of hearing.
  • Sustainability: Implementing eco-friendly initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, including trade waste, and power consumption.
  • Furnishing, Flooring and Wall Covering Upgrade: Refresh the decor ensuring the venue remains an attractive and inviting place for the purpose of social interaction.

In marking 15 years of excellence, we recognise that our journey is far from over.

The support the Ashburton District Council has shown towards the Trust must be acknowledged. Without that support, we would have been unable to provide the community with the level of support and the facilities we now offer.

Five men performing on stage with microphones under spotlights.

Funding Request

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Naming Rights

The opportunity exists to purchase the Naming rights to the new state-of-the-art PA Sound System and Control Room located in the O-Reilly Auditorium. Your name or a business name will be displayed on the Control Room and the PA Speakers located in the upper left and right side of the stage.

Price Negotiable. Contact us now

Seat Purchase

I would like to purchase a seat in the O-Reilly Auditorium complete with a named plaque.

The cost per seat is $500

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